Dress Up Games Online and Off

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Love to play games online? If you, like many girls, love playing dress up games online, you might be missing out on another huge angle of the game. Sure you know how to click and drag clothing over for your doll base to wear on the computer screen, but have you ever considered playing dress up games with your friends at your house or at the mall?

Dress Up Games at Home

If you’ve ever gone through your closet to see what still fits and what looks good together, you’ve played a version of this dress up game. The next time you have an itch for fashion, head to your closet instead of your computer. Pull out everything you own and put it on the bed or floor. Then start trying things on.

Your first goal is to find anything that doesn’t fit anymore or that is totally unflattering. Throw those in a pile to give away or modify. You might be able to cut off pants that are too short and make capris or shorts instead, for example. Your next goal is to break up your current favorite outfits and see how many new ones you can create. If you need to, start with jeans and try on all your tops. Then leave on a particularly funky top and see how it matches up with various skirts, shorts and pants.

Keep playing until you’ve paired up all kinds of things, possibly even everything you own to find the most fabulous and unusual outfits. Make a note of the new pairings in your mind so that you can use them when you go back to school, and also make a note of things you might be missing. This means look for items that would really make an outfit pop that you don’t already have.

You might pull on your jeans and a shirt and think, “Man! I wish I had some great red boots for this.” Then you know what to look for the next time you go shopping. And speaking of shopping, it’s time to find dress up games to play at the mall.

Dress Up Games at the Mall

When you’re shopping, you’re playing a dress up game already. The best thing to do, however, is to give that game more structure and share it with friends. Here’s one idea of a dress up game you can try.

Instruct everyone to bring $20 to the mall. Obviously this isn’t enough to buy even a t-shirt, but that’s what makes the game so much fun. Tell your friends they have three hours to spend their $20 to make a complete outfit. They shouldn’t use anything they are wearing now except shoes and underwear, but they might be able to get new shoes, too – if they really know what they’re doing.

Of course, the goal of the game is not to buy cheap, ugly clothes. You should be looking for great styles that just happen to be on sale. Then snatch them up and meet your friends. Everyone heads back to your house for the unveiling. Transform your bedroom into a dressing room where everyone gets ready in their new outfit and does a bit of make-up and hair. Then, when everyone is ready, the $20 outfit contest begins with the best outfit winning bragging rights.

Different Types Of Dress Up Games

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There is no secret that fashion games are popular online, but as an experienced girl gamer, I can tell you what makes the games so different than everything else you find online. There are no right or wrong moves and your final product is yours alone – it is a form of art. Creative, ingenious and fun, I love that there are so many different types of dress up games. You can really choose on what kind of dress up game you want to start and let your creativity roll.

Celebrity Dress Up Games – One of my favorites, celebrity games take the hottest celebrities of today and turn them into pixelated versions of themselves. You can then dress up the dolls online in the clothing that they wore to award shows, in performances and just the sorts of cool chic they might wear shopping or hanging around. The end result of these games is pretty impressive and the whole thing is fun since you’re playing around with people you read about every day in the news.

Bratz Dress Up Games – The Bratz Games online are just as much fun as the Bratz games you play with your friends and Bratz dolls. Select your favorite Bratz doll and then work to create a look you love with various clothing styles that would be suitable for the Bratz dolls. There are quite a few short skirts, mini tops and tall boots when working with the Bratz games, but that is all part of the fun.

Animal Dress Up Games – Playing with the animal games is a special treat. Animals have become one of the most popular styles of games online, and they are especially adorable. In some animal games, you get to design your own animal and then buy or make him clothing to wear. You can put little outfits on your tiny doggie or kitty. Even fantasy animals get clothing in some of these games.

Mermaid Dress Up Games – I love how much you can do with such an unusual creature. Mermaids would seem to have two elements – a seashell top and a tail. But when you piece everything together, things get a bit more creative by including different hairstyles, accessories and very unique designs on those seashells and tails. You would be surprised at how much variety there truly is.

Christmas Dress Up Games – I love the holiday season and Christmas games are easily one the favorites at this time of year. Playing Christmas dress up games lets you see various holiday styles and features that you might even consider including in your own holiday attire. Many a holiday party dress or school program outfit has come from the holiday games.

Fairies Dress Up Games – To continue the fantasy theme, the wings and airy elements of the fairies are beautiful to behold. Putting together a fairy design lets you select an ethereal being complete with odd colored hair and even oddly colored skin. Add some wings and a lovely, yet natural dress and the creation is complete.

Dress Your Family For NFL Games

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How can you tell if someone is a Green Bay Packers football fan? He is the guy wearing a green and gold shirt with a slice of cheese perched on the top of his head. If he is a family man his cute little baby is drooling onto a Green Bay Packer’s bib. He smiles at his four-year old daughter who has on a green and gold cheer leading outfit even though the Packers have no official cheerleaders. Everyone in the family is wearing NFL licensed clothing. The five best selling items in one of the pro shops are all shirts. Four of them have Brett Favre’s name on them. Reebok owns the licensing rights to make and sell the shirts along with other products..

About a half-hour before game time the doorbell rings. His wife opens the door for friends wearing her green and gold sweatshirt with Brett Favre and the number four on it over jeans. They all stop in the kitchen for beer and snacks on their way to the family room where they turn on the game. Win or lose, most people in Wisconsin are fans of the Green Bay Packers.

Now if you peek inside the back of the neckline of those sweatshirts etc., they had better have the right tags on them. There is a hologram which assures you that it is a licensed product. From a short distance away its hard to be sure. There are dishonest people out there on street corners peddling cheap knock-offs of the real thing. It is tempting to a lot of folks to buy them since the price of “the real thing” is sky high. Imagine the amounts spent on these licensed products. Winter jacket from $100 to about $500. We won’t even contemplate the price of the leather one. Unless — Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, are you reading this? Under his jacket the man wears a sweatshirt, licensed also. If lucky enough to be attending the game in person, he has to park himself on a cushion with the proper logo. Matching hat and even gloves are available. In winter he huddles under a blanket which of course has a big team logo on the back. Only his face peeks out from under that Green Bay Packer licensed stocking cap.

Not only in Wisconsin, but those wild Texas Cowboy fans and the people screaming advice to their Denver Broncos are all clad in the proper t-shirts to show their loyalty. There hasn’t been a heavy metal helmet available for sale to the Minnesota Vikings fans — yet. That will certainly give the Wisconsin cheeseheads some competition. All these products add to the fun of cheering for a favorite NFL team. It does make holiday shopping easier. The boys who wouldn’t get excited about pajamas would be pleased to get pajamas with their team’s logo on them. For the man of the house who seldom vacates his recliner during the weekend an exercise warm-up suit with logo displayed front and back. Choosing gifts for children’s teachers and family gifts young kids can afford to buy there are key chains for all teams, glass drinking mugs filled with peanuts and showing the logo. Posters of favorite players to decorate their rooms and for the person impossible to buy for – a tree ornament featuring their team logo. But trust me when I say, the lady of the house will not be ecstatic over a football decorated tablecloth for the dining room.

Meanwhile, back to the well-dressed family in Wisconsin. The game ends, the Monday morning quarterbacking begins. Everyone returns to the kitchen. After laying out green plastic forks, football plates and napkins they all enjoy the large football shaped cake she purchased at the neighborhood grocery store…

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